General information

Position:                        Rhine, River-kilometer 600,9 right bank

Approved for:                1 ship up to 135m

Position:                         Close to Koblenz -  13 KM on river,15KM by bus (25 Minutes)

                                     Close to Lahnstein –16KM on river, by bus 19 KM (28minutes)


Shore power:                Yes, Powerlock station 400A

There is an obligation to use shore power if you stay longer than 2 hours!

Water:                                       Yes, with C-52 connector

Waste management:   No

Rates:                          Stay 0-2  hours:        € 220

                                     Stay 2-12 hours        € 430

                                     Stay 12-24 hours      € 450

                                     All rates  plus Tax