Docking station Neuwied-Engers

Important! There is an obligation to use shore power during a stay which is longer than two hours!

Position of docking station: Rhine kilometer 600,9 right bank

Allowed for ships up to:      1 ship  135m max.

Gauge:                                                                       Gauge Koblenz

The depth of water in area of docking station Engers  is about +80cm to  gauge level of Koblenz.

If gauge of Koblenz is less than 1,50m it is recommendable to use  in addition an anchor .

If gauge of Koblenz more than 5,80m it is forbidden to use the docking station Engers.

Door at the bridge:   The doors are equipped  with a special lock which can be opened from riverside at any time.  

Please make sure that all doors are locked before you leave the station!

Position of mooring points:

Position der Festmachpunkte